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If you asked me who is the hero of my childhood, I'd say Corto Maltese, even though I haven't heard about him till I already grew a beard. Just over 15 years ago I dedicated my life to sailing wanderlust, crossed the Atlantic for the first time, landed in Brazil and enjoyed the first steps of my adventure. Everything was so different to anything I've seen before, that I was literally unable to imagine what's going to happen in the next 5 minutes. I can't describe how I loved that feeling... As I discovered Jericoacoara, the most stunning beach I've ever seen, not spoiled yet by mass tourism, my first thought was: that's it, this is definitely the most amazing place in the world, I don't need to seek any further.

This charming illusion lasted nearly 10 days, till I understood that seeking is far more important to me than finding. I continued to fall onto the wanderlust, and I can't recall a single day that I wanted to stop, regardless of ups and downs. It's the only constancy of my life, everything else comes and goes, while wanderlust became a refugee where I feel safe and comfortable. Being on the road feels home... 

15 years later, well over 200.000 nautical miles and around 100 countries, countless yacht races and expeditions, all I want is to keep going. Perhaps in a more sophisticated way than when it all started, this time fully focused on the actual experience, being as close to the magic of Earth as possible. But the drive is the same - learn about Nature and Human through the experience, by putting myself in the spots where I can't predict what's going to happen in the next 5 minutes, where I need to figure it all out. 

From all amazing people I met on the way, nobody pushed the boundaries of the experience as far as documentary filmmakers. Not only they needed to be at the right place at the right moment, when all the magic happened, but they needed to be as close to it as possible in order to film it properly and convert their experience to the most beautiful art. Touching the nature together created a very special bond between us, one of the strongest I have ever felt for other human being. A bond built on the very rare and powerful experience, where getting nearly killed is another day in the office, but through the raw power of art it feels like getting nearly born again. It goes without saying, that I'm more than happy to dedicate remaining chunk of my life to work along these people, and keep learning the world in the most creative, selfless and fascinating way. Luckily for film industry, I became an expert in expedition sailing, and being in the right place in the right moment is my natural talent, nourished to the extreme level that is stripped from fear, and comes very handy in film. Bottle of 20yo roncito to everyone who can get it done better, under one condition - we drink it together :)  

As some of you might know, I'm on a mission to merge documentary film and expedition sailing to the level that is unheard of. I'm working on engaging the biggest players in film industry, but only those who are ready to go one step further than making yet another blockbuster. We are going to create a film that will make a huge impact on the relationship between Human and Nature, do far more than breaking box office records, do something real, meaningful, a loud call for action that will affect us all. Disney Nature, Footprint Coalition, Earth Alliance, just to name a few, are on my shortlist for the upcoming trip to Hollywood. Will they engage? Will I hit the wall? Is it going to be easy? Impossible? I love that word, let's see where it takes me! 

I also decided to share my writing with everyone who enjoys to read it, part by part, on the blog, free as an albatross. I took down ebook from Amazon, no point in putting a price tag on it. If someone insist on hard copy, it's still there, but only for sake of good old hard copies :) I hope the free feed of pazzo story will make you laugh, or better - inspire to seek your own dreams and wanderlust, so we can meet one day at the far end of the world, have a great time sipping roncitos together and laugh at the impossible :) 

Therefore, my plans for 2020 are:

- create the biggest ever expedition & documentary film project, covering the coastline of all 7 continents / approx 250.000 Nm trip on the amazing expedition yacht with film crew onboard. Hollywood, I'm coming to meet you! In 1 month from now, get ready! :) 

- be a happy pirate that never doubts his dreams and goodwill, be nice to my friends, be full of positive energy, passion and drive for enjoying and exploring life 

- share the most funny parts of my story regularly, on, at the end of each week, and continue to write this story till the end. First part is coming next weekend, so stay tuned and feel free to share! 

- keep sailing with cool people, come back to my beloved Greenland, and expand my path to South Georgia and Antarctica  

Quite a job list :)

Now it's time for you - I wish you all Happy New Year, and making your dreams come true! I wish Oscar nomination for Aquarela (nearly there!!), fair winds to my sailing friends, sunshine to my non-sailing friends, and lots of courage in expressing their stories to my filmmakers friends. I wish to Nature that Human will smarten up a bit finally, and start treating you with the respect you deserve. I swear to do my best to protect you. That's my legacy for life, hope it will be yours too!

Catch you soon, somewhere along the way!

All the best!

Pazzo Pirata


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