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Aquarela in Scotland

The last weekend was pretty special for me... Not only it was the last weekend before the departure for Arctic Norway and sailing deep into the winter, but it was also a great opportunity to meet again my fantastic friends from the Aquarela team at the Glasgow Film Festival.

It was actually my 3rd occasion to watch Aquarela on the big screen, after Biennale di Venezia and BFI in London. GFF is of a lot smaller calibre than Venice, but it actually had a much higher quality cinema, equipped with the proper projector and Dolby Atmos sound system. The difference in the cinematic experience was enormous. In the same time, as I already knew this film by heart, my mind was focused a lot more on the actual composition, what brought the overall experience into another level. It's just one of those films, the more I watch it the more I enjoy it. The more I understand the composition, the more I admire Victor for what he's managed to achieve as a director and editor of this majestic film...

Apparently, I was not the only one – the great majority of the audience was totally in love with Aquarela. After the screening, I was invited to participate in the Q&A. It's not really my natural environment to stand with the microphone in front of the audience, but it was funny and cool to share my thoughts and feelings related to being a part of this amazing film project. I hope I didn't say anything stupid :)

Straight after that, we went to the reception party at Theatre Royal to catch up with old friends from the team and meet plenty of people who watched Aquarela for the first time. My only regret is that most of the Aquarela team couldn't show up in Glasgow due to their commitments... Luckily the 'Princess' – by far my favourite member of the Aquarela Family–, and her friends were all there. That smelled like trouble from miles away, and I couldn't be more happy to hit the Glasgow at night and look for those troubles :) The rest is quite obvious, roncitos, salsa, very long and eventful night :)

Muchas gracias for the super nice weekend in Scotland. I feel fully recharged and ready to hit the road. 1500Nm of winter sailing ahead of us, a forecast is showing great wind conditions, but also -13 deg C in Tromso, time to dig out the warmest socks and get ready to enjoy the real winter!

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