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Heading back to the Arctic!!!

In mid-December, I've joined another fantastic yacht - S/Y Firebird. In 3 weeks from now, we will depart from the UK and head for Arctic Norway. We will spend 2 months in the area of Lyngen Alps (70 degrees North) and focus on ski & sail.

Photo: Firebird (

In May we will move further North, to Svalbard. It's pretty much as far North as you can get with the sailing yacht, 80 degrees, just 600Nm from the North Pole. We are planning to get there early enough to still have great snow conditions for ski & sail. Then we will continue to cruise this amazing archipelago until late July, and focus on the wildlife and visiting an incredible cultural heritage of Svalbard. In August we will start heading back towards the UK, in order to prepare for the Atlantic crossing to the Caribbean.

Meanwhile, the daily bread is the preparations. We are in Hamble for another 3 weeks. Every opportunity to optimize the yacht and be 'more ready' in invaluable. Once the preparations are completed, on 22nd of February we will go to Glasgow for the Scottish premiere of 'Aquarela'. Straight after that, we will depart for a windy and snowy winter sailing. Crossing to Tromso is approx 1400Nm long, which should take around 10 days including the weather stops. We are expecting the temperature to drop to -15C, and daylight hours to drop to only 6h a day... But in the exchange, we will experience the prettiest spectacle of skies - Northern Lights.

Below, a little teaser of the upcoming months!

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