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I've published a book!!!

Finally!!! After 3 very long months dedicated entirely into it, my old dream has come true! I've managed to complete and publish the first part of Sailing Adventures of Pazzo Pirata - Expecting the Unexpected. I couldn't be more happy!

Write your own book, leave something behind... So many of us are thinking about it, so few have actually managed to make it happen. Now I understand why - it's a big mission! I've been approaching this novel for 5 years already, and each time I tried I've given up after around 20 pages. Even though deeply inside I really wanted to make it happen, it was an overwhelming task, and my busy sailing life would take over.

In January 2018 I've joined the ocean racing project 'Polska 100', renamed later 'I love Poland'. For 8 months I was fully dedicated to running one of the best ocean racing yachts in the world - Volvo Open 70, ex-Puma. Originally the project has been very ambitious and planned a 2 years long circumnavigation, filled with plenty of training and racing, and aim to get ready for the Volvo Ocean Race. Unfortunately the project has changed its path and became a farse, which had nothing to do with my beloved sport, so I've dediced not to participate in it any further. Thanks to that, I've suddenly had plenty of time to focus on my personal life, and I decided to take another shot at my book.

It was an unbelievable experience. I plunged deep back into my memories of incredibly adventurous travel which I've done with my brother Kuba, 15 years ago. It all started from the dream to become a sailor. I was only 20 years old, all my savings were in the range of 200$, and I've decided to dedicate my life to the world of sailing, which I've barely had any clue about. All I knew it was full of adventures and travel into the unknown territories. We set off for a one-year long voyage, and what adventure it was! Atlantic crossing on the boat that's been falling apart and had an alcoholic captain... Arrival to Brazil... Sailing on jangadas - indigenous fishing sailboats in the area of Jericoacoara... Capsizing one of them in the middle of a tropical river... Travel through Amazon... Insane travel through violent Venezuela... Arriving in the Caribbean with 12$ left in our pockets... Finding a miraculous job... And from there on a huge upswing filled with amazing people, adventures beyond our imagination... At the end of it, our humble dream of becoming a sailor has been exceeded zillion times - we both became a professional crew of one of the most amazing ocean racing yachts in the world. That set the fundaments for the upcoming 15 years of my sailing life, which I must admit was quite eventful... I've spent the whole of September on writing the draft of Sailing Adventures of Pazzo Pirata. Then it took me around two months to carry out the corrections, over and over again. Not an easy task, as English is not my mother tongue. In the same time, it wouldn't feel right to ask someone else to do that job for me. It was my story, my memoir, and I pushed as hard as I could to do it from A to Z all by myself. From the language point of view, I'm sure it's far from perfect, but it's not the point. It's written in the language of pirates, the vagabonds who travel all over the world and communicate in all possible forms of English, quite often not understandable to the Brits. What is most important to me - it truly expresses what we felt back then, and it will remind me for the rest of my life who I was once, where it all started, and how lucky I was to learn so early that sailing life is limitless and so amazing that I can't think of a single reason to ever give it up.

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